dimecres, d’abril 18, 2007

Blocs d’apartaments

Del paisatge urbà sud-coreà en destaca (negativament) els enormes blocs d’apartaments, elements (espantosament) característics que apareixen com xampinyons arreu de la geografia.

Consilent mapping; Nine probes for Architecture in Korea; SPACE; March 2007.

Page 241, CatalogCity – Going to buy an apartment; Haewon Shin.

'Built between 1962 and 1964, the first apartment complex in Korea contained inly 642 units. Today, forty-five percent of the population, twenty million people, lives in apartments, and the market for buying these is divided in two: the open market which delas with all ´second hand´units, no matter how recently built, and Bunyang, menaing literally ´sale by drawing of lots´, a unique system trough which all truly new units are sold in Korea.

Each Bunyang sale is held prior to construction of the apartments – roughly two to three years before move-in date. Tough pre-build sales have become a standard of housing markets around the world, due to the extreme discrepancy between the quantity of desire for a home and the capacity to (ful)-fill it in Korea, Bunyang is not merely a market, but a Lottery. Participants in Bunyang don´t simply purchase an apartment; they enter a competition in which the prize is the RIGHT TO BUY. (...)'

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