divendres, de gener 04, 2008

Small is ...

Alguns inefables inombrables ens recomanen una 'catalunya optimista', suposo que hem d'estar contents que només s'hagin col·lapsat totes les rodalies de RenfE (amb E d'Espanya ) a Barcelona en tres dels quatre dies d'aquest nou any.

Caldria llegir més enllà dels debats esquifits i provincians [¿PPSOE o PSOEPP?] als quals la premsa espanyola ens acostuma i redueix. Obrir els ulls, mirar més enllà, temps de llibertats: "per a les nacions, petit és bonic", com diu aquest article en anglès del Finantial Times:

"Europe seems intent on slicing itself up into ever smaller pieces. In the next month, Kosovo is likely to declare independence – making it the seventh new country to emerge from the wreckage of Yugoslavia. The Soviet Union has given way to 15 new states. Even in western Europe, there is talk of Belgium dividing in two, while a pro-independence party has taken power in Scotland.
People tend to treat countries that split up a bit like married couples. It is a sad event. And it is true that a unilateral declaration of Kosovan independence could cause a new crisis in the Balkans.
But if the formation of new countries can be achieved peacefully, it is usually a cause for celebration. This is the age of the small state."
Continues here.

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